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Logik is unique and versatile urban artist, based in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire (Scotland).

Logik stands out from many artists because he talks about his life, his feelings and things everyday people can relate to, Logik also stands out for using his thick scottish accent.

He started writing music early 2006 but never took to the mic and recorded a song till 2008, when he felt comfortable with his craft, and even then he didnt release a song until May 2009.

Which was a tribute song for a close friend who passed away. The love and attention off the back of that song is what made Logik carry on releasing music and at one stage he was releasing a new song on Youtube every week, through the power of Youtube Logik got to connect and work with many talanted music artists and producers, including Matty C (UK), YodaSnow (USA), Danny Morton (UK) to name a few. Logik then went on to find and work with more scottish hip-hop artists such as Loaded, Snow, McG (now known as Shadoh), Madhat McGore and a few others.

With many songs under his belt Logik felt like it was time to make a Mixtape, which was titled Chapter One and featured Madhat Mcgore, Matty C & Loaded.
Off the back of this mixtape logik started to get a lot of local media attention such as the Motherwell Times & Bellshill Speaker, contacting him to find out about his music and what he had planned for the future.
As the time went on Logik built up a fare sized fanbase not only local but all over the UK, and in 2012 logik was quickly snapped up by independent record label Falcon Records. Logik spent just short of 3 years at Falcon Records, being their most viewed/played artist on all media platforms and during this time Logik was working on his debut album titled “Class Of My Own” but parted ways with the label before it was released, Logik finally released his long awaited debut album in August 2015. Logik spent around a year without a label but was building his own behind the scene, and at the start of 2016 he launched his own label 10th Sense Entertainment, more so to help local talent than anything.

As well as working on his own music Logik went on to sign Motherwell based artist Grant Nisbett to 10th Sense ENT, and help push his music also. Through-out the year of 2016 Logik linked back up with Falcon Records, but this time it was a partnership deal for his label 10th Sense ENT. and not an artist deal. Logik continues to work hard, and is always looking for his next move.



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